Mikes Dixie Dancer’s Playlist

14199394_1654061691573751_943103682396260937_n.jpg  10365740_1554126251567296_5567977578923349621_n
On October 5th, I discovered that my Thoroughbred stallion loves German Rock music. I guess you could say we share the same taste in music. I didn’t know how he would react to non-English music but I decided to try.
On October 4th, I had a very difficult time during a training session with Mike. We were jumping cross rails and 2′ jumps. He was severely anxious and rushing these tiny jumps horribly.
I believe music can do great things for horses and riders. Sometimes you just have to find the right genre or artist or selection of songs.
On the 5th, I started playing the Eisbrecher channel on my Pandora and connected it to Mike’s ear bonnet via Bluetooth from my phone. I was able to listen also because of my HorseCom headphone.
I was amazed how calm and focused he was. He was listening to me even before we left the barn and continued to stay focused on me while we walked through the pasture to the arena.
I warmed up with the basic bending and walking. Then proceeded to trot both directions. Mike stayed relaxed, more so than usual. *AMAZING*
I then took him over a small 2 jump grid with ground poles. (l -X-l-X) l is ground pole.
The other jump was on a slight curve and set as a cross rail. This is the same jump that the day before set our anxiety level through the roof.
Mike was great both times around, so I chose to put the X at the end of the grid up to a 2′ vertical. He went though easily and calmly. Jacked up that X to 2’3″ and again it was easy as pie and done in a relaxed and calm manor.
On October 8th, I rode Mike again for a jumping session. This time I set up a gymnastic that consisted of 2 cross rails on each end with a 2′ oxer in the center 1-2 strides.
X-X–II–X-X. Using our HorseCom unit again and playing Eisbrecher on Pandora. This session I didn’t have my headphone but Mike was able to hear. Again, he was relaxed and calm and went through the gymnastic 4 times with no anxiety and never dropped a rail. AMAZING?  Nope, It just proved to me that Mike prefers German rock music over anything else. Flat work and cool-down after the gymnastic was relaxed as well.
Because of these 2 experiences with my HorseCom equipment, I sat down with a cup of hot tea and made up a playlist for Mike and I. These songs are the same ones that he heard during our two training sessions and I feel that he really enjoyed them. I choose to think of them as a form of medication for his severe ADHD brain. 🙂

An ottb stallion’s playlist
Unheilig  “Spiegelbild”
This song has a good forward beat. It has a relaxing chorus that promotes a forwardness during bending and flexing which is important for Mike who likes to get behind my leg.

Megaherz  “Wer Bist Du?”
Again this is a forward marching type of beat. It helps to promote a marching gait during the walk. It can also be used for transition work with walk to half-halt to walk. I like the forward consistent beat.

Eisbrecher  “VerrÜckt”
FORWARD is the key. This has a marching beat also but it’s not consistent. It does promote focus and relaxing in my experience. Would be good for Trot to Walk or Trot to Half-Halt/Halt transitions.

Eisbrecher  “Schwarze Witwe”
This song is soft, relaxing yet marching and has a cadenced beat which promotes a forward consistent canter. It also helps with focus and rhythm.

Eisbrecher  “Die Engel”
Soft, relaxing but still has a forward ever changing beat. This helps with staying forward but just walking and relaxing and stretching and staying in front of my leg. Not consistent but Mike really enjoyed it and stayed focused and loose.

First time jumping while using HorseCom unit

    14494799_10209037086518657_4539228296623989994_n             14502843_10209037085798639_8452315488769790608_n
After a training session where we listened to Eisbrecher on Pandora. This was our first 5 jump gymnastic. 14494699_10209039018366952_6962223597036608121_n.jpg14224720_1663082134005040_6021795762515972313_n The above photo is a still shot from a video taken September 18th. This was after using our HorseCom equipment for approximately 3 months. The next day we attended our first show together. Mike was a true gentleman and stayed focused and calm.
I’m excited about our trip to Kentucky in 2 weeks and I do believe we have over come some hurdles because of our HorseCom unit. Music has surely helped this OTTB Stallion in his training in a second career. I believe it will even help us in a third and fourth career next year. *Reining and Cows*


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