Horse boots?

This year I started Mikes Dixie Dancer’s training. I used polo wraps, Professional Choice splint boots and Professional Choice Sports medicine boots. I chose those because I had them and didn’t have to spend a lot of money buying more horse boots. The bell boots I used were the rubber pull on ones and again I already had them.
I’m glad I didn’t spend the money on the open front hunter jumper boots because I most likely wouldn’t have used them beyond this year.
Next year I’ll be training Mike in reining and possibly cutting or working cow. It really all depends on how he takes to a cow. Now, most of the time when you see a reiner or cutter or cow horse, you will see them wearing either sports medicine boots or polo wraps.
Below is a slide show of both sports medicine boots, bell boots, and polo wraps in all the multitude of colours. There’s even a pair of leather skid boots.

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So, That’s a big choice. Most choose white sport boots for front and back.
Then there’s bridles and bits.
BITS. The port will be easy because I prefer double jointed snaffle mouth pieces. Shanks are a different story. I’m partial to the shank with the Texas star on the side and the Jesus fish symbol.

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Now lets talk bridles. Western bridles come with silver or no silver. Leather is a must. Some have rawhide and horse hair. What follows are the ones I really found to my liking.
I really like the first one with the intricate knot on the brow band and the one with the horse hair on the brow band.
I’ll have to see what will look best on Mike.

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Time will tell and it’s a lot of big decisions.


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