2017 RRP Tb Makeover

My application was accepted for the 2017 Retired Racehorse Projects Thoroughbred Makeover. I’m excited to compete again and take the journey. This year the makeover is October 5-8th.
I searched for months looking for the perfect horse. Initially I wanted to compete in Barrels. So, I searched for something that was between 15.1hh and 16hh. Gelding. Grey or something with a lot of chrome. Unfortunately, everything I found that I could afford did not fit that criteria. Every horse that was within my budget was plain and not grey; taller than 16hh. I started wondering if I was every going to find the right horse for this year. Until I met this gentle giant with the ears.


The first words out of my mouth “He’s kind of ugly.” Then I went in to his stall and noticed “Those big ears”. He put his head in my arms which was really sweet and a surprise. He was really quiet and easy going, too.


After we left the track, my husband I talked. I gave him a nickname as soon as we saw him. “Francis” because of his large ears. We don’t know if he talks yet but I highly doubt it. So, after talking about everything I came to a conclusion. I’m not meant to compete in barrels this year. Simply put, God kept shoving big, tall, plain, ugly geldings my way for a reason.
I’ll compete in Dressage for sure and either Hunters or Jumpers.
I just hope Francis is a kind soul like he seems to be. At this point we aren’t sure how broke he is but I’m sure he now the racehorse basics for sure. He was in a 2 yr old in training sale. He’s only 3 and stands 17hh which means he’s got plenty of growing to do. It’ll take some getting use to riding a tall horse again after riding Mike for the last 2 years. I’m sure I’ll have a blast. Plus I can take him to a ton of hunter jumper shows this year.
Francis will have his own Facebook page once I get him home and settled in. I’ll post a new entry here with the link so everyone can follow along in our journey to the makeover this year.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful new year.
If you’d like to join please visit Retired Racehorse Project membership is only $45 and it goes to a great cause and you get some perks.


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