Mikes Dixie Dance (update)

I introduced Mike last year. Mikes Dixie Dancer the ottb stallion that I competed at the Tb Makeover with. He and I showed in Show Hunters and Dressage. I was really proud of us both. Although, we didn’t win both of us gained from the experience and our bond was so strong. I was proud of myself and Mike for how well we did in both disciplines. Show Hunters we placed 49th out of 57 and Dressage we placed 44th out of 59. As most may not know, Mike was only able to attend one show before traveling up to Kentucky for the Makeover. This was the first ever dressage test for both of us and the first ever Hunter course for Mike. He was a perfect gentleman during his stay at the Kentucky Horse Park, as well as Glendalough Farm before and afterwards.


Mike did get a neck ribbon/medal for participating at the Makeover. My favorite photo of him was his halt at the beginning of our dressage test. He stuck his tongue out and it was how I believe he felt about the entire competition.


So, what has Mike been up to since he came home mid November? Well, 2016 was a full year for him as you can see from this photo collage. mike-collage
Mike not only learned to jump, he learned to pack around my 9yo son plus a few other walk trot kids and he learned to pony our yearling filly to get her workout. I also started working with him in preparation for a western curb bit by using a bosal on him. He did absolutely wonderful.
Mike’s first open show as a western horse was a great experience. He was amazing and represented the OTTB and Thoroughbred with flying colours. I had many people that couldn’t believe he was not only a stallion but also a thoroughbred and off the track. We showed in Western Pleasure, Western Horsemanship, Ranch Pleasure. Placed 3rd in the Ranch Pleasure but he was really close to placing in the other classes.
mike-open-show-lsuHe held his own against the other horses with some seasoned pros.




Sad news came beginning of February. The Thoroughbred mare that was in foal to Mike aborted twins at 8 months. A filly and a colt, both were small but the colt was developing well.
So, Mike has been pretty busy. He will most likely get gelded by June and will start his job as a racetrack pony. I’m sure he will enjoy it tremendously. Mike will forever be a loved horse and will forever have a home no matter what. He is my perfect horse. Plus my son loves him in a huge way.


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