For the love of…. a horse that God entrusted to me.

17499458_1112677248844546_7230939774663330371_n     13692722_1630598770586710_3360295706074601135_n

“Francis” Dublin Down Dude is a 2014 Thoroughbred gelding fresh off the track. I brought him home January 29, 2017. His race trainer had deemed him too slow to race. When I first met Francis my first words were “He’s kinda ugly.” Followed by “Those are some big ears.” HA HA HA HA HA HA. I think I fell for the giant (he’s 17hh and growing) that day when I first met him. He put his head in my arms and was content to just let me hug his huge head. LoL
Since bringing him home we’ve bonded and I’ve grown more in love with the ham. Sure there are days that he really frustrates me but those are the days that I learn a small lesson. He doesn’t like shoes. He will pull them off in less than 2 weeks. I know because he’s gone thru 2 pairs in less than 8 weeks. 😦

16266040_1067093856736219_1999444318481228342_n      16473978_1071170959661842_4964530562162261370_n

Then there’s Mike. Mikes Dixie Dancer. He’s been with me for 2 years now and I don’t think I will ever have a horse that’s as good a fit for me as he is.
Mike has his own story here on this blog so I don’t feel I need to tell it again. However, since October’s Thoroughbred Makeover he’s had the luxury to just be a paddock puff. He’s also shown me what a great horse he really is by giving a few lessons, competing at a open show and letting my son learn to ride on him. I’ve continued to train him but we focus on western stuff rather than dressage and jumping. He’s come a long way since I first got him and continues to get better with time. I’m lucky because he is only 8. I pray I’ll have plenty more years with him. He’s earned a spot as my go-to horse. He’s also still a stallion and right now there’s no reason to geld him.


So, what’s next for Mike and Francis? Well, Mike had one mare last year get in foal. Sadly she aborted twins; However, we think she may actually still be in foal. Strange but we will have to wait and see. She wouldn’t be due until May. Mike did cover an Arabian mare this year, still waiting to see if she took. He will most likely go to a few shows and a few lessons through out this year. Maybe I can get Gabriel to get serious about riding him.  Francis is scheduled to compete at this years Thoroughbred Makeover. As of right now he is only training in dressage. I have to build a strong foundation on him first. He’s slowly coming along and has been a lot of fun. Plus he’s a totally different type of horse than Mike. More whoa than go. I’m having to teach him to go forward where as Mike was all go and not much whoa and I had to teach him how to slow down. Francis will eventually go to a few shows for flat classes and schooling. One day he will jump. Homework and practice first, RIGHT? 🙂
I came across a blog that I thought I’d share. It’s a great read and full of things that will make you think for hours. The Rat Race
So, For the LOVE of? A HORSE or in this case 2 horses. Passion never goes away. Even when I ignore it or try to let it fade. I don’t think I could live life without horses in it. These two ottb’s make me smile everyday in some way. Mike may not be the huggy kissy type but Francis is. Francis may never be my go-to horse but Mike is. Each one of them fills a slot in my life. Each one is half of my heart. They serve a purpose in my life. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Plus, I get the joy of knowing that all of my hard work has made these two what they are and what they will become. I didn’t buy trained, been-there-done that horses.
Enjoy a few photos of Francis and Mike.


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